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Who We Are

We Deliver Excellence

Trust.  When your partners and customers depend on your service to keep life moving, trust is essential. We earn that trust every day, on every route, with each and every delivery.

Local service

As a provider of local, same-day logistics solutions, Fleetgistics delivers critical parts and supplies to the places that impact our lives. Our customers trust us with their most sensitive, time-critical shipments each day—shipments that their businesses depend on for success.

Same Day - Your Way

What sets us apart? We call our philosophy Same Day – Your Way. It means using the most advanced technology to optimize route delivery, track real-time delivery status, and maintain chain-of-custody for highly regulated and sensitive shipments. And it means customized solutions for you and your business. Our philosophy provides bottom-line savings, as well as peace of mind for you, your customers, and their clients & patients.

To learn more about how we can keep life moving for your customers and clients, contact us. Or try our 10-Minute Logistics Assessment now to evaluate the effectiveness of your same-day delivery services.  Whether you manage an in-house fleet or outsource your work, we could save you time and money, and actually improve your customer service—all while developing intelligent, custom solutions to help grow your business.